Muay Thai

  • Our specially designed Mastering Brazilian Muay Thai Basics Program, Guaranteed to make those first few classes stress free
  • Access to 30 DAYS of Training… FREE… No Really!
  • Free Private instruction on top of the already great classes
  • A Free Shirt and DVD just for showing up!
  • Our pledge to offer you our best.  We want to help you reach your goals


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Check out these RAVE REVIEWS:[/headline_arial_large_left]


[testimonial1_arial author=”Eric”]“The Atmosphere is very Respectful, Fast paced and Fun! Everyone is respectful and the Instructors are very helpful and skillful.”[/testimonial1_arial]


[testimonial1_arial author=”Nicole”]“I love that everyday I learn something new and/or refine my technique.  And it’s never boring! Everyday is fun and I leave laughing”[/testimonial1_arial]


[testimonial1_arial author=”Danielle”]“I love the people who work at Arashi Do.  Khru Mike is a great Instructor, he is very energetic and patient.  He breaks the instruction down for beginners and makes everyone feel good about joining in.

The atmosphere is very positive.  There is no extreme pressure, you can learn at your own speed.  I have a lot of fun coming to class.


I feel stronger and have more energy since I first began training.  I feel more confident and positive in life.”[/testimonial1_arial]

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Beginners to the combative art of Muay Thai can be grouped into two different categories, one — Muay Thai beginners who have some experience of another form of the combative arts and seek to make a transition, and two — Muay Thai beginners who come into the combative arts with nothing but an idea and the desire to get started, which means they have absolutely no experience of the formalized combative arts whatsoever. con’t article here!

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