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Our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu  (BJJ) program is the best in the city.  Not only will you have access to Black Belt instruction, but one of Edmonton's founding members of BJJ.  In fact, Arashi Do has exposed more people to BJJ than any other school in Alberta, has a huge competition team and has many members who train just because they love the easy going atmosphere of the club.


We have many adults that have been apart of the Arashi Do Family since they were children.  We are not only great at showing your some awesome techniques, but our students are amazed with our passion and how much we care about you reaching your goals.

Listen to what these GREAT students have to say:
“Martial Arts has allowed me to develop as a person both on and off the mat in ways I feel no other sport or activity could.  It has provided me with a positive outlet for stresses in my life and I feel I am calmer and a better person for it.”
Mike BJJ

What this girl says about her first day may surprise now.

“Martial Arts has changed my life remarkably.  I'm regretful that I didn't begin earlier in life. Most notably I've learned how to be assertive (and that it's ok to be so) in other parts of my life, which has been a big benefit.

Further, I've learned that there is a welcoming and supportive community built up around Arashi Do, which is truly great! ”

Tim - BJJ

Learning BJJ The Correct Way


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) is fast growing into one of the most preferred fighting styles to be practiced within the various combative arts circles and, if you are a beginner who is just starting out in the world of the combative arts, or you are considering getting into the combative arts, BJJ should be very high up on your list of considerations, for a number of reasons. con't reading the article here!


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